Biography — Guererri Richard

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Richard S. Guererri

Richard S. “Dick” Guererri
Inducted Class of 2019

An exceptional athlete at Geneva High Dick went on to Alfred University where he played baseball and football before serving in the U.S. Army during the Korean War where he played on the championship-winning European U.S. Army Football team. Noticing his talent, a young Al Davis recruited Dick to the Citadel to play football. He played both football and baseball at the Citadel and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

After graduating from the Citadel with a degree in Civil Engineering Dick went on to work for Boeing and in 1965 began working on NASA’s new Apollo and Saturn V Rocket Program. He was the recipient of the distinguished Saturn V Roll of Honor for his contributions. He was also honored with personal letters of recognition from Neil Armstrong and other astronauts from both the Apollo 9 and the Apollo 11 mission, as well as a metal medallion made from the heat shield of the spacecraft.  Dick passed away in 2018.

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